Modern Sensibility and Islam

Compatible means somewhat that is capable of existing or acting in a harmonious, friendly and congenial mixture with somewhat else. Muslims nowadays are confused about the compatibility of their religion with contemporary standards and inclinations.
The misperception has been additional aided by the intolerant and persistent attitude and conduct of some Muslims that has darken on the spirit of their religion. The situation has fortified anti-Islamic services to point their artilleries at Islam and tell the world that it is an outmoded and unreasonable way of life.
The condition of Muslims, good, bad or indifferent, is one thing and achievement or disappointment of Islam fairly another. The facts signified by Islam are as old as formation itself. These honest standards began falsifying their way slowly on their onward hike. Dissimilar people in different eras of history possessed them and gained a happy and hefty crop.
Islam as a philosophy and method of life (deen) is an ongoing living process that will keep on sprouting with fresh ovaries, but for a new harvest, properly directed efforts based on modern information and in line with Quranic standards are essential. This example is missing in the Muslims of nowadays. Thus, Muslims of current time need to visit holy sites for their development via Islamic pilgrimage services from uk.
Absence of knowledge and ages of indoctrination have led to spiritual intolerance and prejudice, something that Islam fervently opposes. Islam is certainly compatible with the ongoing procedure of time if its core standards of justice, broad-mindedness, morality, uprightness and accountability are indorsed and experienced. Islam in the modern viewpoint should not be mediated by organizations that inspire fanaticism but by its insistence on the higher principles of human dignity and parity. The western controls are adamant in spreading every unislamic act of unaware Muslims as Islamic and are not eager to let Muslim academics and scholars reflect the true Quranic Islam lest their own cohorts change loyalties and follow these universal standards.

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